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To be considered "custom jewelry design", the piece can only be created one time. It is based on the jewelry designer's creativity and the customer's vision. The finished piece is further enhanced by the fine tuned skills of the jewelry artist.

Nagalle flexibility shows up in our ability to create semi-custom pieces as easily as our standard products. At no extra charge, you and your clients take charge. Nagalle's part numbering, design and manufacturing systems have always been able to make each order unique. Our inventory of colored stones, opal, mother of pearl and other materials allows us to create jewelry with your customers' style in mind.

Our Designer Client Program is designed to engage the customer in the creation of their own unique jewelry! A customer first selects any of our colored gemstone designs. Next they choose the metal they want "their" piece of jewelry made of. Choices include 18k white or yellow and 14k white, yellow or rose. They can then select from a wide palate of gemstones. Last, the customer selects the style of Australian Opal or other inlay materials.

For rings, be sure to measure an exact finger size. We size to 1/8 increments.

Creating unique designs starts with a customer's ideas, their choice of metal and gemstone(s), their preference for a design style and their desire to have an original piece of wearable art.